The Eros Cycle – An Anthology Feature

The Eros Cycle / Love is a Gypsy Child (working titles) is an anthology feature film consisting of five segments – The Girls Were Doing Nothing, Strings Attached, Mensch, Pick Up and All That Jazz. The five parts are stand-alone short films, each 15-35 minutes long, which were conceived as a single story, sharing the same underlining themes and style. As its title suggests, the feature explores the subjects of love, relationships and sex. All five segments are written and directed by Dekel Berenson.

Strings Attached – Production

An understated coming of age drama set in the English countryside. Strings Attached tells the story of a young string quartet days before participating in the world’s largest music competition. Lisa and Gabriel, who play 1st and 2nd violin positions, are a couple. The two other members of the quartet want Gabriel to lead the group as they don’t believe that Lisa is up for the challenge. The story is further complicated when Lisa receives a text message that brings back the memory of a previous unresolved relationship. It is the closure of that relationship that sets Lisa free, both professionally and in her relationship with Gabriel and the quartet.

The Girls Were Doing Nothing – Completed

The Girls Were Doing Nothing is a study into the conflicting nature of love and the human soul – our basic needs for stability, comfort and routine which clash with equality strong desires for novelty, variety and freedom. It subtly discusses gender roles, female oppression, the collapse of masculinity in modern society, the role of sexual fantasy and play and more. Compared to Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut and von Trier’s Nymphomaniac, The Girls Were Doing Nothing tells the story of Marta and Jake, a married couple in their late 30’s. Working in senior professional positions, they live in a luxurious cosmopolitan home while spending much of their free time eating at expensive restaurants and exercising at private gyms. Their idealistic lifestyle is a grandiose means of concealing and deflecting the strains of their spousal dynamics. For Jake and Marta, communication has become an obligation; intimacy has become a rarity; and love itself has become a cliché. All of that is about to change when Andrea, their attractive and affable neighbour, asks Jake and Marta for a favour while she goes on holiday.

Awarded *BEST FILM – JURY* – 5th INDIAN CINE FILM FESTIVAL 2017 (Official Selection, Mumbai, India) September 10, 2017
5th TORONTO SHORTS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Canada) – October 19, 2017.
8th TWIN CITIES FILM FEST (Official Selection Minnesota, USA) October 18, 2017
12th ORLANDO FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Orlando, Florida, USA) October 19, 2017
14th INTERNATIONALES KURZFILMFESTIVAL „KURZ.FILM.SPIELE“ (Official Selection,  Germany) October 21, 2017 – Complete List…

The Mensch (WT) – Pre Production

Jonathan, 32, a failed and sexuality frustrated British-Jewish writer, falls in love with Johanna, 28, a free-spirited nymphomaniac film producer. Jonathan’s neurotic parents, his maladjusted childhood and mounting insecurities, along with Johanna’s sex addiction and uncontrollable behaviour, paint a wry, touching and finely rendered portrait of a contemporary dysfunctional relationship between two attracting opposites. Nouvelle Vague inspired and told in a non-linear style, The Mensch is a fast paced sexy dramedy designed to keep the audience on guard. Voice overs, flashback, escapism, fast paced editing, and self referencing are not merely a stylistic choice but a representation of Jonathan’s self reflective and neurotic inner reality. With a constant stream of hilarious and poignant jokes it packs together drama, romance and comedy.

“I believe that filmmaking – as, probably, is everything – is a game you should play with all your cards, and all your dice, and whatever else you’ve got. So, each time I make a movie, I give it everything I have. I think everyone should, and I think everyone should do everything they do that way.”
Francis Ford Coppola


Dekel Berenson


Passionate about writing and storytelling, Dekel has has been shooting short “films” since he was 8 years old, using a VHS camcorder and a VCR for editing. When he was 21, after completing a mandatory three years service in the Israeli Defence Forces, he left his home country and had since lived in Budapest, London and New York before embarking on a five years long trip around the world, reaching far away places as the North Pole and Mount Everest. Returned to London in 2016 to complete a Master’s of Arts in Filmmaking at the London Film School but dropped the program after three months to write direct and produce his first film The Girls Were Doing Nothing.

Dominic Davey


Having worked for 10 years as a Live Event Producer and 5 years as a First Assistant Director, Dominic draws on a wealth of experience, which ensures that productions are shot on time and within budget. Working on a wide array of productions ranging from the NFA nominated feature film ‘Adult Life Skills’ to the FIFA Club World Cup in Abu Dhabi he has an extremely broad range of experience. He has worked on over 50 short films and co-produced ‘The Girls Were Doing Nothing’. He currently has numerous projects in development including both short and feature length films.


Charlotte Stade

Casting Director & Co-Producer

Studied Media, Journalism and Human Rights, while volunteering in Save the Children and Greenpeace. Worked at the Bergman Centre Foundation at Fårö, Sweden, managing the public heritage of Ingmar Bergman. Since moving to London Charlotte has been co-producing for Wardour Filmworks while developing a women’s personal safety device.

Tom Cullingham


Studied Digital Film Production at Ravensbourne, Greenwich, before going on to produce the awardwinning short film ‘Maya’, directed by Veemsen Lama. ‘Maya’ follows the lives of three street children in Kathmandu and was short just weeks before the catastrophic earthquake struck in 2015. The team, on hearing the news, cancelled their post-production crowdfunding campaign to raise over two thousands dollars for children in Nepal affected by the quake. 12 months later, the same team, lead by Tom, went back to Nepal to shoot a second short: ‘Chyanti’ which will begin it’s festival circuit in 2017.


Early Reviews of The Girls Were Doing Nothing:

“Among the most memorable and outstanding concoctions of its type I’ve witnessed all year.”

Andrew Buckner

Film Critic

“A brave piece of story telling that not only looks incredible, but more importantly, has soul to it.”

Ben Nedivi

Writer Producer, FX’s Fargo

“Brave, intense and visually compelling… incredible that this is the work of a first-time director.”

Marta Parlatore



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